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  • Kai Wong

    Kai Wong

    6xTop writer in UX Design. UX, Data Viz, and Data. Author of Data-Informed UX Design: https://tinyurl.com/2p83hkav. Substack: https://dataanddesign.substack.com

  • Tejas Gawande

    Tejas Gawande

    Founder, Chronicle • Ex-consultant • OnDeck Founding PM fellow

  • Anchor


    The easiest way to make a podcast

  • Melissa Perri

    Melissa Perri

    CEO of Produx Labs and Product Institute. Product Management Consultant, Teacher, and Speaker. Blogging at melissaperri.com

  • Matthew Godfrey

    Matthew Godfrey

    Head of Product Design

  • Cesar Hoshi

    Cesar Hoshi

    Product Manager. Peruvian, ex co-founder of a Dating App in Latam, currently in Colombia working in a hyper-growth tech company.

  • christian crumlish

    christian crumlish

    Product leader @dinp.xyz, writing Product Management for UX Designers (Rosenfeld Media) and Growing Product People (Sense and Respond) — more xian @crumlish.me.

  • javed Quraishi

    javed Quraishi

    Senior UX Designer with a solid background Telecom ,Healthcare, Financial Services and Banking industries and, more importantly, with a great love for design

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