How to align management, design and development teams using a creative strategy brief template

TL;DR: Save time and discussions by creating a creative strategy brief. Share it and present it on every meeting so teams can align on goals, users, scenarios and constraints. Framework based on Jared Spool’s UIE post. Free and editable template in My resources page.


Give format to those answers by using SMART goals. Here’s a notion template by


Of course you can build Personas for this step, but that’s an entire project. In case you want, here’s a case study about how I introduced Personas in a big corporation’s environment.


If you want to create more formal User Scenarios, you can read the method’s guide.


Shorter version, no time? Ok, then identify the Jobs To Be Done

“The process of reaching an objective under given circumstances”.The JTBD Playbook by Jim Kalbach

You can find a more detailed guide for writing those in Jim’s Blog.



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